Maywood Green Team

The Maywood Green Team is an all volunteer community outreach and educational organization that supports the mission of the Sustainable Jersey Program.

It is mandatory that all communities participating in the Sustainable Jersey Program establish a Green Team.

Sustainable Jersey is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. For more information, go to


The formation of a Green Team is the first step in establishing a community sustainability program and is the catalyst for creating an understanding of what sustainability means to our community.


The Green Team leverages the skills and expertise of team members to develop plans, implement programs, and assist with educational opportunities and coordinate the sustainability of the community. 

The Green Team has established the Maywood Community Garden located along West Fairmount Avenue adjacent to Edel Avenue. The Community Garden was constructed through use of grant funding provided by Public Service Gas and Electric and The Home Depot. Garden beds are being tended by local volunteer groups and individual residents.
If you are interested in securing a bed, please contact Green Team Vice Chairperson Tara Grunstra at 201-845-2900 ext. 211 or email.
The current members of our Green Team are:

William Grunstra-term expires 12/31/24
Tara Grunstra-term expires 12/31/24
Joan Rivera-term expires 12/31/24
Tom Anzevino-term expires 12/31/24
Felicia Benson-Kraft-term expires 12/31/24
Jeff Kraft-term expires 12/31/24
Yelena Aronson-term expires 12/31/24
Dennis Ryan-term expires 12/31/24