Department of Public Works

The Department of Public Works is responsible for several divisions:  
-Road repair
-Street sweeping
-Shade tree
-Park and playgrounds
-Snow removal  

Metal and Appliance Collection: Borough Hall, 15 Park Avenue, 3rd floor - Recycling Coordinator Lisa Schieli, $5 per item.

Recycling Services: DPW Office @ 205 East Hunter Avenue-red recycling buckets for $15.

Recycled oil can be disposed at the DPW tanks on the side of the DPW building located at 205 East Hunter Avenue.

The DPW does not accept any paint, chemicals, antifreeze or any other hazardous materials of any kind.  Please refer to Bergen County Utilities Authority Website - See "Garbage & Recycling" tab on Maywood Borough website for current disposal schedule.

Borough Ordinance does not allow parking on streets while streets are snow covered.